Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

My blog post back in April - The Final Post was based around the fact that I wasn't enjoying running. The sport I had once loved doing had become a chore. My body was telling me it didn't want to live like that anymore and so did my mind. After taking some time away (with... Continue Reading →

Time Flies When You’re On The M5!

Slowly but surely races are beginning to return, many not in the same format as they previously were, but hopefully it means things are moving in the right direction. Some races have followed more of a time trial format, while others continue to go down the virtual route, which if I'm honest doesn't interest me.... Continue Reading →

The Long Game

After a considerable amount of time away from running, I finally feel like I am in a position where I can begin to train and even plan for races. Before I go into the future let me explain what has been happening in the past 9 months. Following my 29:13 run at the Brighton 10k,... Continue Reading →

A Spring In My Step

I would say that 'Project Twenty Nine' is now well and truly accomplished. I knew I was capable of running in the 29s for 10k but I'm not sure I expected things to go quite as smoothly. In terms of training this winter there really has been nothing exciting about it. My volume has been... Continue Reading →

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